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REMONDIS Chemical Waste Services

Welcome to RECHEM – your hazardous waste specialists

  • The right solution no matter what the situation

    • RECHEM specialises in treating solid and liquid hazardous waste as well as wastewater. Our expertise covers all aspects of the business – from carrying out professional analyses and giving expert advice, to providing safe transport, all the way through to ensuring the substances are stored and disposed of using environmentally sound processes. We serve well-known pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial companies located at the GETEC PARK.SWISS and beyond – handling any waste that the Infrapark’s incineration plant is unable to accept.

    • Certified quality in black and white: download our ISO 14001:2015 certificate and our business permit (PDF) here

    RECHEM’s business premises is located on the grounds of the GETEC PARK.SWISS in Muttenz

  • Our customers include many well-known chemical and pharmaceutical firms

  • The safe way to manage hazardous & industrial waste

    The more difficult and the more complex the waste management issue may be, the more reasons there are for you to turn to RECHEM for support. Thanks to our years of experience and our in-depth specialist know-how, we are able to dispose of hazardous waste, no matter how problematic it may be. And our goal is always the same: to reduce the potential risk of the substance being treated to an absolute minimum. We use state-of-the-art incineration facilities to achieve this, which are themselves subject to stringent monitoring and accreditation processes.

    What we offer

    • Safe & environmentally sound waste management services

    • Sorting of laboratory chemicals

    • Auditing of waste management facilities

  • Comprehensive waste management advice from the experts

    RECHEM relies on and excels thanks to the expertise of its highly qualified staff. We are the partner of choice for any business looking for waste management advice. Our services range from checking our customers’ on-site infrastructure, all the way through to drawing up comprehensive waste management concepts to cover their exact needs – including material flow management and process development.

    • We are more than happy to share our knowledge. We offer the following training courses: ADR/RID, environmental chemistry (subjects: exhaust air, wastewater, wastewater treatment, waste management, physical-chemical to organic cleaning systems)

Would you like some advice? Would you like to take part in one of our courses?
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  • Everything in safe hands

    You are always on the safe side when you work with RECHEM. The hazardous substances that are delivered to us, for example, are kept in storage areas specially designed for high-risk products until they are sent for incineration. We are able to store a variety of hazardous products and substances in line with all valid safety regulations and hazard categories (ADR).

    • Storage of all hazardous materials covered by the storage classes (LGK) 3 & 4

    • Ideal transport links via road, rail & ship

    • Simple loading / unloading systems thanks to our docking sites & loading bays

    • Easy to monitor thanks to our packing & labelling system

    We use shelving, outdoors and block storage systems to store the substances as well as our special high bay warehouse

  • Material flow management from A to Z

    • As is the case with all industries, pharmaceutical companies are also obliged to document exactly how their waste is handled. We can help you meet all your obligations here, providing support in all matters involving material flow management. From the handling of the hazardous waste on site at your premises, to environmentally friendly transport solutions, all the way through to the safe treatment and disposal of the substances, including all documentation. The fact that we are held in such high regard by the pharmaceutical and chemical industry is a sure sign of how well and how professionally we perform our work.

    • We know all about the laws regulating our business and are well aware of what has to be taken into account when transporting hazardous waste across borders and disposing of such substances

    RECHEM has been collaborating with a large number of pharmaceutical and chemical companies for many years now

Everything under control – from start to finish

We work with a special card system – the RAK system – which we developed ourselves. Each waste stream is given its own card and RAK number. This waste card lists the origin of the waste, details about the substance(s), safety data sheets, UN and VeVa numbers and hazard categories as well as its chemical and physical properties. What’s more, the card includes information about suitable transport and treatment/disposal methods and about which containers and batch sizes are needed. All this is managed digitally in our database. Thanks to this system, each individual batch can be identified at all times. Every single step your waste takes is monitored closely. No system could be safer or more transparent.

Professionally managing laboratory & chemical waste

We have developed a special range of services for laboratories and other businesses that produce waste requiring special disposal. These services cover the whole of the waste management chain – ending with the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of all types of chemical in our incineration facilities.

  • Preparing the way for safe disposal

  • Managing hazardous waste – the benefits of working with RECHEM

    We offer target-oriented solutions to meet your company’s exact waste management needs

    We are able to accept large volumes of waste thanks to our ideal storage solutions

    We offer a full range of logistics covering all aspects of hazardous waste management

    Each and every member of our staff has a high level of expertise & know-how

  • Strong on our own – unbeatable as a group

    • RECHEM belongs to REMONDIS – one of the world’s largest recycling, service and water companies. Being part of the REMONDIS Group, RECHEM benefits from its state-of-the-art plant technologies and in-depth know-how of waste management, recycling and disposal. REMONDIS Schweiz AG has four business locations across Switzerland. With its 120 employees and comprehensive logistics systems, REMONDIS Schweiz handles and recycles over 180,000 tonnes of waste every year. For the good of all. Working for the future.

    • Find out more at remondis.ch

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  • Location

    Head office of RECHEM is Mühlentalstr. 371 in 8200 Schaffhausen, place of operation is located in the GETEC PARK.SWISS in Muttenz. Ideally situated close to the Swiss, French and German borders, the park is home to many industrial and chemical firms.
    Find out more at www.getec-park.swiss

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